Palestine Summer Encounter(s) – The More the Better for Palestine

At Holy Land Trust, we are excited to begin preparations for the 4th Annual Palestine Summer Encounter Program (PSE). We are expecting our biggest PSE gathering to take place this year in Bethlehem and you are most welcomed to be part of it.  This program allows you the opportunity to come to Palestine and experience life, culture, and politics in a new and unique way. This program has developed tremendously over the past four years and we are very proud of the excellent achievements we have made thanks to partners in Palestine and across the globe. You now have the opportunity to experience what close to 200 individuals have experienced in Palestine; live with a local family, learn Arabic, volunteer in a local organization, meet the people of Palestine, and truly become ambassadors for peace and justice when you return to your communities.

The program has become such a success that we are seeing other organizations mimic this program. While some might be upset when they see other organizations copying their programs, we at Holy Land Trust are truly proud of this and see this as a sign of success and pride not only for us as an organization, but for the entire community. The more programs and options that exist for people to come,visit, and live in Palestine the more likelihood a greater number of people will come.  

So wtih complete humbleness we welcome any program by any organization that truly seeks to make Palestine known to the world. What we hope to be offering are models for all to use and develop as they see best in serving the cause of justice and peace in the Holy Land.


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