International Summer University of Tamera, from the 19th to 28th July, 2007

The Summer University 2007 will focus on 4 elements which are necessary building blocks for such an initiative:

  • Solar Village and future technology
  • Money and Finance – What does a future economic system look like that incorporates the principles of giving and receiving.
  • Information Technology – going hi tech for a future without war
  • Grace – building a global movement for a free earth.

There will be daily keynote speeches given by experts and co-workers of Tamera on these subjects. Also in the Summer University will be: Common study times using the books “Future without War” by Dieter Duhm and “Grace” by Sabine Lichtenfels. Theatre workshops, Capoeira, Art, Music. 

This year the International Summer University of Tamera, from the 19th to 28th July, will go under the heading ‘Global Campus’. The idea of the ‘Global Campus’ was born in the international Summer University 2006 together with our cooperation partners in Israel, Palestine (Holy Land Trust), India (Barefoot College) and Colombia (Peace Village San Jose). It is an initiative that will provide education, training and research in all aspects of peace work for the future – community building and social dynamics, sustainable technology, truthful reconciliation between the genders, the connection between the spiritual and political.

The Campus gains its ‘Globality’ in 2 ways: by creating a synergy between organisations and individuals within all continents of the world, and by revealing the synergy between ourselves and the world. Its aim is to be a global education initiative that knows no borders.For the Global Campus to succeed a major new global infrastructure must be built up and developed – a Globalisation with the motive of supporting a positive transformation. To do this we must re-think and re-act in the basic pillars that form our contemporary social structures; Finance and Economy, Spirituality, Information Technology and Sustainable Technologies.

The International Summer University 2007 will focus on Finance and Economy, Information Technology and Sustainable Technologies in the form of think tanks – spaces of constructive vision building and concrete realisation.

Both Sabine Lichtenfels and Dieter Duhm will be present and after the Summer University Sabine Lichtenfels will host a think tank entitled GRACE. This will act as a space that brings synthesis between these pillars and plans the next concrete steps.    Throughout the International Summer University there will be daily keynote speeches on these subjects, seminars and study groups, and presentations.


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