Yes, We Will Replant these Trees

Please visit the links below to read a detailed account of how the Israeli army destroyed a complete fruit tree orchid in the village of Artas South of Bethlehem. This is the first step in destroying and illegally confiscating more land.  For several days Palestinian, international and Israeli activists have been gathering at the site to protect this beautiful farm land that will be turned into a sewage dump for the near by settlements (not for security, not for protection, … but for sewage) …  I cant say more.

Report by Kate, who was there to witness every tragic moment:

Report by ISM Media Office:


2 thoughts on “Yes, We Will Replant these Trees

  1. Michael Westmoreland-White

    How did you get YouTube video uploaded on WordPress? I have not been able to get wordpress to accept any such code from YouTube.

  2. J. Archer

    After listening to Ann Baltzer speak and show videos of this oppressive, hateful, unloving, un Godlike behavior over Palestinian land that is not Jewish land, I continue to pray and send money to help the occupied Palestine people. It is abhorrent to me that my US tax payer money to the tune of $billions goes to this sort of hatred placed upon Palestinians. As a Christian, I am appalled that these people are part of Jesus family, and part of my Christian heritage yet are pushing around people like the Egyptians pushed around Moses’ people. My Palestinian Christian brothers and sisters should be supported by my US tax dollars not treated is such a horrible, un Godly way by the Israel government. This is wrong, and many Jewish people know this too and are against this hatred against Palestinians. Let the people go, let the people go and live in peace in Gaza, West Bank, Jerusalem, Bethlehem. This is not God’s love.

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