Why come to Palestine this Summer???

I know it may seem cold now, but summer will eventually be here and many of you are planning their vacations. Some will travel to traditional tourist locations, get a nice tan and a T-shirt they will be too embarrassed to wear at home, others will want more than to be tourists and will seek for an opportunity to change their life and to the lives of those they meet.

Let me therefore ask you a few question….

  • Would you like to experience the Holy Land in a way that does not only introduce you to its rich history but also to its present situation?
  • Are you interested in truly knowing what life is like in the Palestine and learn about its culture and traditions?
  • Are you interested in learning about the political conflict in the Middle East from those who are living it and are working on resolving it?
  • Are you interested in increasing your role in achieving peace in the Middle East when you return home?
  • Are you interested in volunteering and truly helping a community in need?
  • Are you interested in learning Arabic and even get college credit for that?
  • Are you interested in living with a local family and to have a second home in Palestine where you will always be welcomed for a traditional meal and some good coffee?

If the answer is “NO” then maybe, just maybe, what you are really interested in is to learn the traditional Palestinian line dance called the “Dabkeh.”



images.jpgIf you got Happy Feet after watching this youtube and your answer is now “YES” then visit the Palestine Summer Encounter Program website… and join us for a life changing experience….


8 thoughts on “Why come to Palestine this Summer???

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  2. jandark smeir

    hello sami

    its really o good job! it will be my pleasure to
    participate in it as a volunteer and to help in anything u want ..as i have the chanse before in participating in many workshops ,seminarsand in summer camps with some institutes in bethlehem and jerusalem .
    thanks a lot….

  3. I’d love to come, however, my summer’s all filled up with other events. I’m not Palestinian or Arab, but I would love to visit the area and help out someday.

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