From the Broken Heart of Gaza …

Father Manuel Musallam, the Parish Priest of Gaza has written to the wider Church of God. His letter was made public in January 2009. It has inspired Garth to write this song, and others to help him put together these images to the go with the words and music. …


4 thoughts on “From the Broken Heart of Gaza …

  1. Marilyn Robinson

    I am a human rights activist who has been to Palestine and have seen first hand the horrible truths of what the Palestinian people endure under immoral and illegal Israeli domination of their land. The truth remains alive and will not be silenced. Where are all the listeners and doers of the world?

  2. eileenfleming

    When I was last in occupied territory, someone told me that a broken heart is a whole heart:

    A Holy Heart.

    God always uses poets, musicians, dreamers, dissidents and revolutionaries to confront empires that seek power and control as they destroy and kill innocent ones caught in the crossfire of the insane cycle of violence in the land we call HOLY!

    God Bless and Godspeed on reaching The Body of Christ in the USA who have been blinded to the truth this song and video display due to a government and media, who have also been under Israeli Occupation.

    Eileen Fleming, Author, Founder,
    Producer “30 Minutes With Vanunu” and “13 Minutes with Vanunu”

  3. I’ve been to Palestine twice and have witnessed first hand the checkpoints, the wall, the interrogations, the detainments, the intimidation, the racism, etc. The second time I went, I was needlessly detained at the Haifa port for nine hours before being set free. They Israelis are following an extremist nationalist policy and want to extirpate all of the non-Jews from the country, much like Turkey with regard to their Christian minorities. They will not stop until the land stretching from the Euphrates to the Nile is in their possession. Then their messiah, the antichrist, will come, and rule their much anticipated one-world government from Jerusalem. Our only true weapon against this evil is Genuine Orthodoxy Christianity!

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