Give a Gift This Christmas Season to Peace in Bethlehem

Dear Friends,

I wish you a beautiful and blessed time as we remember the birth of the Prince of Peace. In Bethlehem the busyness of Christmas is apparent, hotels are full, streets are decorated and people from all over the world are here to celebrate the miracle birth. As i write this email I hear in the distance some scout troops practicing their drum rolls for the last time before they head to Manger Square.

Much is said and much has been written about Bethlehem at Christmas; talk of the wall, of checkpoints, of restrictions and of occupation.

Similar things existed 2000 years ago, and in a place where there was war, oppression, and very little hope … the miracle happened… Life, Joy, Peace and Salvation came to earth…

It is time we bring that pure and simple message of peace and love back to the place where it was born. It is time Bethlehem shines again with its message of goodwill and true healing to humanity.

Yes, we may not have the specific answers of “how” to get there, but we will not surrender to the “not knowing”. We will work, study, research and engage in finding the means … and for this we need your help and partnership.

Please take a look at the following Youtube. It is a brief introduction to where we are heading as an organization. We are very excited about this vision to establish a peace and nonviolence research and learning center in the heart of Bethlehem and hope to share more of this vision with you as supporters and partners of this work.

Beautiful greetings to you and your loved ones and my best wishes for the year to come.

For contributions you can contact me directly: or

In the name of the Prince of Peace and Love,

Sami Awad
Holy Land Trust

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