Ending Fear and Violence in the World Today

We live in a violent world. And fear, especially fear of losing what we have gained and achieved (politically, socially, economically, personally, emotionally, religiously, etc.) is the motivation fueling this violence. Fear, both real and manipulated, has become the central lens we use in how we relate to others.

Our identity groups are imbued in fear. We are pushed by many of our leaders to fear other ethnic groups, racial groups, religious groups, political groups, gender groups – anything which is different than us. They tell us that these groups threaten our security and stability; they create conflict, they don’t accept our “way of life,” and they don’t recognize and appreciate our identity. We have come to believe that they are out to destroy us and what we believe systems; they are simply “evil.”

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Just a though

Just wondering: When you say “I see the sun.” Are you REALLY seeing it or seeing the light coming out from it and calling the light “Sun”? Can you ever truly see the sun? … When I see you? Can I truly see you or I see your expressions and say it’s you?

Building Hope: Muslims, Christians and Jews Seeking the Common Good

I will be in Yale, June 13-23, 2011 where the Reconciliation Program will host a strategic conference of influential, mid-career Muslim, Christian and Jewish religious leaders.

Approximately ten leaders from each faith community, men and women with a proven record of leadership and clear future potential have been chosen to attend this international gathering focused on seeking the common good. Participants have been carefully chosen by senior leaders in each faith community as representing those mid-career leaders most likely to be exercising the widest influence in their communities in 10-15 years from now.

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