Video Vision

Encounter Gala – Honoring Rabbi Melissa Weintraub – May 10, 2011

Interview on Fox News – May 13, 2011

Learning to Love the Enemy an Interview with Rich Nathan


On Auschwitz, fear, and the meaning of nonviolence, a meeting with Compassionate Listening –


Christ at the Checkpoint Conference:


Global Oneness Interview


World Wide Good News Interview:

2 thoughts on “Video Vision

  1. rachel

    i wish to interest you on replicating cd’s or dvds , i am sure that the more people are exposed to your ideas the better
    cdi ltd

  2. Alan James

    Sir. If this is an inappropriate forum for this please forgive me. A good number of years ago a friend gave me a copy of a holy land video made by a Mr. Sami Awad, and I think the Intercontinental hotel was mentioned as well. If you are the same Mr Awad are you still able to sell or otherwise provide holy land videos? I think there was an element of pilgrimage in it as well. I was talking to two catholic ladies a week ago and they wanted to have a look at the video but, of course, I was unable to locate it.
    If you can help I will appreciate it if not then that’s fine as well. Take care

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